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We offer our BOPA material in widths from 500mm till as wide as 1270mm. This material has an excellent resistance to puncture and abrasion. It has an wide temperature use range (-600C – 1500C) and has good barrier against oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and odor. It is resistant to acid, alkaline, grease and different kinds of common organic solvent. BOPA also has a high transparency and gloss. It is used for food packaging and applied in the process of printing and laminating.


Type: BOPA, oriented polyamide film
General properties: high strength, high temperature resistance, good puncture resistance

  • One sided corona treated
  • Metalized with different OD’s

Possible applications

  • Barrier film
  • Release film
  • Drum liners
  • Liners for industrial bags
  • Food/non food packaging
  • Printing/reverse printing in laminates
  • Balloons
  • Coffee packing

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