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Venoflex offers a wide range of BOPP films under VACOPP from 8 microns to 50 microns, these films are suitable for various applications such as Packaging, Adhesive Tapes, Labelling, Decorative to name a few. Current product range includes Matt Films, Low temperature Sealable Films, High Barrier Films, Anti-Fog films, Pearlised and White Opaque films.


Type: BOPP, biaxial oriented polypropylene film
General properties: high transparency, low moisture permeability

  • Plain non-sealable/heat sealable
  • Co-extruded sealable
  • Low seal temperature
  • One or both sides corona coated
  • PVDC coated
  • Acrylic coated
  • Matt film
  • Glossy film
  • White opaque
  • Pearlized
  • Gold coloured
  • Silver coloured
  • Metalized
  • Base film for metallization

Possible applications

  • Food/non-food packaging
  • Thermal lamination
  • Print lamination mat/glossy
  • Paper lamination
  • Cardboard lamination
  • Release films
  • Labels
  • Photo albums
  • Gift wraps
  • Flower wraps
  • Window film
  • Packaging tapes
  • Technical tapes

Also applicable:
for the lamination of menu cards, book covers, cosmetic packaging

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