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Founding Venoflex

Venoflex is founded in 1994 by Jos van der Ven and has been taken over by two brothers in 2014; Robbert-Jan and Jeroen van Doremalen. At that time the founder started the company with ample experience in the field of plastic foils; in fact 8 years experience in a chemical laboratory, 7 years as a manager production combined with purchasing activities in the packaging industry and 4 years of commercial experience in national and international companies.


The Venoflex goal is to sell, deliver and distribute a wide range of high quality plastic films and metallized paper in the international market. Core values belonging to this goal are customer focus, service, reliability, professionality, integrity, fast delivery, accessibility and social involvement. The biggest responsibility of Venoflex towards it’s customers is to guarantee the safety of the products.


In order to be able to realise such an intention in an ever increasingly demanding market, at least two things are important: CONSTANT QUALITY and SERVICE at all times. We find it therefore of the utmost importance to work with partners who endorse such a strategy in their company philosophy. The “producing” parties must be trustworthy in this respect. Only then can Venoflex operate and excel in selling and distributing plastic films.

Philosophy in co-operation

Venoflex aims for a long-lasting co-operation with its clients as well as with its suppliers with the intention to create a win-win situation for all. Only then a real partnership can develop and continue over a long period of time.

We look foreward to welcoming you soon as a regular customer to our company.


Stock is increasingly becoming an acute problem where space and investments are concerned. Stock affects the cash flow situation considerably and forces the supplier’s credit to increase.

Venoflex can solve this problem for you. We keep many of our products in stock for you. We keep and maintain your stock.

Consequently this creates vacant space in your company, which can be used for other purposes. Besides delivery times will be very short and you will therefore never be without the product you need.
Furthermore Venoflex offers the possibility of supplying “cut-to-fit “ materials in case the standard sizes are not suitable for your purposes.


Quality – in our opinion – is not only defined by an ISO-certificate, although it certainly can be an asset. That’s why we work with a carefully designed managementsystem, with the aim of continuously improving and regularly testing it on the basis of the NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2015 standard, the BRC Storage and Distribution packaging standard and the FSC® quality mark. But we also think the definition of quality is supplying “fit-for-use” products at a reasonable price and this has been the most important goal of Venoflex since the foundation of the company.

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