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Sustainability is a theme that is receiving increasing attention within the packaging world. It is possible to create more sustainable packaging with the same features. Venoflex is happy to think along with you for solutions. We offer you a so-called “solution service”, in which we will work with you to find the most suitable solution for your product.


Reduce the weight of the laminate, by reducing the number of layers. Less plastic helps to save our planet, but it doesn’t mean that we lose properties. With advanced solutions, down-gauging is easier than you may think. Vacmet developed several films in this respect. Thanks to Alox barrier and Heat Sealable properties of various films, we can prepare reduced packaging creations. As an example, let’s reduce ALU layer from typical PET/ALU/PE films. Using BOPET Alox and Ultra High Barrier metallized we can get similar barrier but reduce the weight and thickness. If we would go further, we can even go in recycling direction.


Recycle the package. Theoretically we can recycle every kind of plastic. The question is just how to do it efficiently. The common direction is using mono polymeric packages. We can recommend you two directions: PET and PP. Vacmet has developed a few grades of polyester films which can be a final structure itself. You can get printability, barrier and sealing layer in one film. If printing needs to be protected inside the laminate, we can supply you two BOPET films with all these properties. PP is second most common polymer in packaging sector. It is easy to recycle. A very wide portfolio of BOPP films offers almost unlimited possibilities with functionality. Heat sealable films, ultra-high barrier and heat resistant are only a small part of our complete offer.


Reuse at least some part of the film content. You and your customers are not able to reuse the film, so we keep this responsibility in our hands. Vacmet is manufacturing raw materials, so they decided to turn back PCR (post-consumer recycled) and create a special grade of eco-friendly film. Up to 70% to 90% content of the special ECOVAC PET material is based on recycling. This way we can support our environment together and keep the quality on a high level.

Off course other possibilies are also possible, such as replacing polyester by paper. Venoflex also offers paper with a FSC® recycled quality mark.

Let’s evaluate your product portfolio and see what we can do to be more sustainable. We all thank you for those challenging projects.

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