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Are you looking for one of the best BOPA film suppliers in the international market? Partner up with Venoflex. We have an extensive experience in the field of plastic films for the food and non-food industry. Because of this experience, we constantly deliver products of high-quality at a reasonable price. Interested? Check out our website and see what we can do for you!

Wide range of plastic films at Venoflex, one of the best BOPA film suppliers

Our goal is to sell, deliver and distribute plastic films in the international market. Therefore, we offer a wide range of plastic films, for example:

  • Polyester films
  • Nylon films
  • Polypropylene films
  • Polyethylene films

Our BOPA films are made of nylon. Hence, they are very strong, flexible and high temperature resistant. They are suitable for many applications, such as barrier films, release films, drum liners, liners for industrial bags and for food and non-food packaging.

First quality films from stock or direct delivery

As one of the best BOPA film suppliers, we offer first quality BOPA films from stock. Next to that, we offer films by direct delivery. In this way, we keep and maintain your stock! Would you like to know more about us as one of the best BOPA film suppliers? We are happy to help you figure out what we can do for you when you contact us by calling +31(0)162 513 039.


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