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At Venoflex, we like to see ourselves as one of the biggest BOPET film suppliers and a first-class manufacturer of BOPP film on the international market. Why? Because we sell, deliver and distribute a very wide range of plastic films and foils by Vacmet to our clients all over the world. We have been supplying since 1994, which is why we have an extensive experience in the packaging industry and are recognized as proficient BOPP manufacturers.

Choose us as one of your BOPP and BOPET film suppliers and manufacturer of high-class products

In an ever increasingly demanding market, good products that work are highly important. At Venoflex, a first-class manufacturer and one of the biggest BOPP and BOPET film suppliers, we strive to offer constant quality and service. To achieve this, we are cooperating with different producing parties with excellent reputations, such as Vacmet. In this way, we can assure you as certified BOPP manufacturers of products that match your wishes and needs.

Biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate (BOPET) films: the specifications

BOPET films are biaxial-oriented polyester films. They are specifically strong, thermal resistant, they do not shrink and have low oxygen permeability. As BOPP manufacturers, we understand the importance of such qualities in films. BOPET films can therefore be used for different kinds of applications, for example:

  • Release liner
  • Print lamination
  • Labels
  • Food and non-food packaging
  • Cooking bags
  • Shielding

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Would you like to get more information of one of the biggest BOPP and BOPET film suppliers and BOPP manufacturers about our products, for example on BOPET films? Contact us by calling +31(0)162 513 039. We are happy to help you.


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