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When looking for a BOPET metallized film or paper supplier, Venoflex is the specialist you need. We started off early 1994 with a broad experience in the field of plastic films. Since then, we sell, deliver and distribute all kinds of plastic films all over the world. Because we want to maintain a comprehensive service by offering high-quality products, we only work with renowned companies in the packaging industry, like Vacmet.

Why use BOPET metallized film?

Why would you choose to use BOPET metallized film? And what is it? BOPET stands for biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate, which refers to polyester films. These films are strong, they do not shrink, they are thermal resistant, and they have low oxygen permeability. These specifications make them specifically suitable when it comes to high gas barrier levels and aroma and flavour retention. General properties are:

  • An even aluminium deposit
  • Excellent aluminium adherence
  • The films can be offered in many different grades or colours

Metallized paper supplier sells, delivers and distributes from stock

At Venoflex, your metallized paper supplier, we keep many of our products in stock for you, such as the BOPET metallized film. Therefore, we can always send the products you need very fast. Short delivery times, in a way you will never be without the product you need: that is what we stand for as a professional metallized paper supplier.

Contact the most skilled metallized film or paper supplier

How can we help you as a professional BOPET metallized film or paper supplier? Tell us what kinds of films you need, and we will check if we can provide you with the right products. Do you have any questions? We are happy to answer them if you contact us via the following telephone number: +31(0)162 513 039.


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