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BOPP film suppliers

Are you in search of one of the best BOPP film suppliers? At Venoflex, we maintain a long-lasting cooperation with Vacmet. Vacmet is one of the main BOPP film suppliers in the world. Because they offer high-quality products with long life-span, and we sell, deliver and distribute these products at Venoflex, we can offer you this outstanding quality and great service.

What to expect form BOPP film suppliers Vacmet and Venoflex?

Vacmet is, as said, one of the main BOPP film suppliers in the world. The best thing about Venoflex is, connected to this, that we offer a wide range of products and we provide you with a comprehensive service. This means that delivery times are short, and you will never be without the products you need. We offer cut-to-fit products that suit your purposes perfectly.

The specifications of the BOPP film

What is a BOPP film? BOPP stands for biaxially-oriented polypropylene film. These foils are highly transparent and offer low moisture permeability. Therefore, they are suitable for various applications, for example:

  • Food and non-food packaging
  • Flower wraps
  • Window films
  • Technical tapes
  • Paper lamination

Diverse range of products

As one of the professional suppliers in the industry, we offer you, amongst BOPP films, a wide range of plastic films for all kinds of applications. Would you like to know more about our extensive stock? Or do you have any questions? Call us at +31(0)162 513 039 and we are happy to inform you.


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