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Heat sealable PET film

A heat sealable PET film is suitable for many different applications. For example, for food packaging, metal lamination, roasting or cooking bags and tubes and bags. The heat sealable PET films make sure products remain fresh and stay protected. At Venoflex, we offer you all kinds of PET films that can be used in food and non-food industries. Because we offer fit-for-use products, we always have a solution that suits your needs.

Attractively priced heat sealable PET film

Most standard PET films, made of polypropylene, are not heat sealable. At Venoflex, however, we use technology to apply sealable materials to the film surface. In this way, heat sealable PET films are created. Our heat sealable PET film is available in different thicknesses. Next to that, is has good seal properties and it is very attractively priced.

Possible applications for the polypropylene films

Would you like to know for what kind of applications you can use polypropylene films, like the heat sealable PET film? Some examples are:

  • Food and non-food packaging
  • Paper lamination
  • Labels
  • Release films
  • Technical tapes

The films are often high transparent, and they offer low moisture permeability.

Films of different kinds of materials

Polyester films, nylon films, polypropylene films and polyethylene films: these different kinds of materials are all part of our wide assortment. Would you like to know more about the specifications and applications? Call us at +31(0)162 513 039. We look forward to helping you.


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