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Holographic film

Would you like to order holographic film at a specialised holographic paper supplier, then order at Venoflex. Our wide assortment consists of, amongst other products, holographic designs, films and paper, mostly imported from Europe. This type of film is thin, flexible and micro-embossed with patterns or images. Because of its beautiful appearance and its affordability, holographic film is often used in the packaging industry, for non-food products as well as food products.

Holographic film and paper: what is it?

This type of film is renowned for the remarkable 3D-effect and/or spectral rainbow colouring it has. This effect is created by the embossing process, which cuts into the films surface at various angles and in different shapes. In this way, patterns and images are created, that you can view at different positions and from different angles. The films can be laminated, coated or even pressure sensitized for all kinds of applications. At Venoflex, we offer various kinds of custom-made holographic designs on different materials:

  • BOPP
  • Paper

Why order film or paper at a supplier like us?

As a professional film or paper supplier, we cooperate with ISO-qualified companies, like Vacmet. We do this because we are very selective where quality is concerned. In this way, as our client, you can buy products of the best quality for the most attractive prices.

Wat kind of film do you need? Contact us for some advice

Are you unsure about the kind of film you need for your purpose? Contact us via +31(0)162 513 039 for some advice on this matter. As a professional supplier of all kinds of foils, such as holographic film or paper, we know what solution suits your needs best.


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