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Sealable PET film

When looking for a sealable or peelable PET film, you might want to look at Venoflex. We are working in the field of plastic foils since 1994. Therefore, we have build a wide experience in selling, delivering and distributing a diverse range of films for the national market as well as the international market. Providing our clients with the best quality and service, is our main goal. For this reason, we only work with partners that are trustworthy and ISO-qualified.

What is a sealable PET film?

Sealable PET films are often used in the food industry, for the packaging of frozen foods and ready to eat meal packages. They keep the food fresh and sustainable. At Venoflex, we offer different kinds of PET films that are sealable. Polyester films, for example. These films offer great strength, thermal resistance, low shrinkage and low oxygen permeability.

What is a peelable PET film?

When a sealable PET films is equipped with a lidding, we call this a peelable PET film. These foils are extremely suitable for meal lidding, sandwich packs and freshly packed products. At Veneflox we offer co-extruded non-oriented films with:

  • Good impacts strength
  • Different peel strengths
  • Liddings for APET and CPET trays

Contact us for details on the different grades

Our sealable and peelable PET films are available in a few different grades. When looking for a specific grade, we are also happy to help you create for fit-for-use, custom-made products. Contact us for all the details by calling the following telephone number: +31(0)162 513 039.


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