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Vacmet India Limited is one of the leading manufacturers of BOPET and BOPP films. At Venoflex, we cooperate with this company, which enables us to sell, deliver and distribute the absolute best products in the field of plastic foils for all kinds of companies in the international market. With Vacmet India Limited as our exclusive partner and supplier of BOPET and BOPP films, we offer you the best products at competitive prices and with an extended service.

Our cooperation with Vacmet India Limited

Vacmet India Limited produces all kinds of polyester films, for example:

  • BOPP films
  • BOPET films
  • Coated films
  • Metallized films, paper and board

At Venoflex, we import these films and we sell, deliver and distribute them to our clients all over the world. While we handle short delivery times, ordering your products at our company is a smart and worthwhile idea. In this way, you are sure of the best quality an ISO-certified company has to offer and you will get the best service.

Check our website for all product specifications

Would you like to know more about the products of Vacmet India Limited we offer at Venoflex? Check out our website for all product specifications. Do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to call us at +31(0)162 513 039.


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